Bus Shelter Project

Bus Shelter Design 8-5-20.jpg

A pilot program to test the concept was conducted for three schools: Pine Grove Elementary, Carver Middle and Atlantic High. DCEF and the City are currently hammering out the details of an agreement that will expand the program to as many as 50 bus shelters and raise as much as $100,000 per year.  The eight public schools in Delray will compete for these funds with innovative proposals.  These new funds will be made available via the private sector sponsorship, therefore not requiring additional funding by tax payers.

If you wish to become involved in the project or to purchase a sponsorship,

please contact Jim Chard at

The Delray Chamber Education Fund kicked off the Bus Shelter Project in partnership with the City of Delray Beach when the principals of local public schools called for help.  The principals highlighted two requests that would assist them in improving public education in Delray.


The first request was a Marketing Communications program that would highlight the quality of our schools, teachers, and programs and the second was discretionary funds that would allow principals to launch creative education initiatives that are not possible under current funding constraints.

The Bus Shelter program was established to fund creative projects, promote the quality of local schools, AND beautify our City.  Local businesses, not for profits and philanthropic families will sponsor the artful wrapping of bus shelters to accomplish these goals as well as associate themselves with specific schools.