Board of Directors

Founding Board terms expire December 31, 2021.

If you are interested in becoming a board member for the 2021 Term please contact Barbara Stark at


James Chard

President/ CEO

James Chard has served as Vice Mayor and City Commissioner in Delray Beach. He has been active in Delray non-profits for nearly 20 years

DSCF3081 Pam.JPG

Pam Seitz

Treasurer/ Vice Chair Finance

Pam Seitz is a CPA, and brings her knowledge of accounting and finance to help advocate for high quality education. 

John PEters.jpg

John Peters

VP Development

A longtime member of the Delray Chamber, John is a strong supporter of improving the educational fundamentals of the students attending the schools within our City.   


Kae Jonsons

Kae is the ultimate non-profit advocate and library guardian of the galaxy!

BJS headshot.jpg

Barbara Stark

President and CEO of Milagro Center, Barbara Stark is a dedicated non-profit professional committed to the education and success of underserved children.


David Beale

David Beale is a Delray Beach attorney practicing corporate law, wills, trust and probate. He is on numerous non-profit boards.


Niki Kopf.jpg

Niki Knopf

Incredibly wise and thoughtful, Niki can accomplish anything with her quiet determination. She is secretly CEO of 4 or 5 companies.


C. Ron Allen

A Master of Communication, C. Ron can convince anyone of anything with his mad skills. Watch out, he'll finish your conversation before you start it!


Kristen Noffsinger

Owner of Kristen Rose Agency, a full-service Marketing and PR Firm, Kristen is passionate about giving back to the city who has given her so much!


Ted Hoskinson

Founder and CEo of Roots and Wings, a Delray-based charity that helps honor teachers and students. He is also one of the Founders of Impact 100 Men and currently serves as President.